Chef Mikko Tamarra of Fortuna's Row talks Ceviche Mixto

Ceviche mixto is a popular dish in Latin American cuisine, particularly in countries along the Pacific coast such as Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. It is a type of seafood dish that involves marinating and "cooking" raw seafood, typically fish and shellfish, in a citrus-based marinade. The acidic juices from citrus fruits, usually lime or lemon, are used to chemically denature the proteins in the seafood, giving it a cooked texture and enhancing its flavour.

The term "mixto" in ceviche mixto indicates that a combination of different types of seafood is used in the dish. This can include a variety of seafood such as fish (often white fish like sea bass or flounder), shrimp, squid, octopus, and other shellfish. The seafood is typically cut into bite-sized pieces and then marinated in the citrus juices along with other ingredients like red onions, cilantro, chili peppers, and salt. Sometimes, additional ingredients like diced tomatoes or avocado might be added for extra flavour and texture.

Ceviche mixto is known for its fresh and vibrant flavours, with the citrus marinade providing a tangy and zesty taste. As Chef Tamarra notes during the video, the dish at Fortuna's Row consists of sole, rhubarb leche de tigre, sweet potato, and fried calamari. Using local ingredients from Canada, we are able to add a creative spin of the classic Peruvian dish. 

It's often served as an appetizer or a light and refreshing main course, especially in warm weather. It's important to note that due to the marinating process, the seafood in ceviche mixto is technically "cooked" by the citric acid, but it is not exposed to heat in the traditional sense. As a result, the texture of the seafood is different from that of fully cooked seafood dishes.

Our ceviche mixto is available as part of our dinner menu, as well as available for large group dining parties, or in the private dining room. Fortuna's Row is open for dinner service from Tuesday to Saturday from 5:00pm until late.

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