An Intimate Dining Experience

Long Table Seating

The Private Dining Room at Fortuna's Row seats up to 20 guests in long table format. Thick-cut, custom-designed wooden tables anchor a tucked away enclosure adjacent the main dining room. Bespoke decorations and mood lighting create a truly unique escape from the buzzing outside world.

Dining Options

Guests have the opportunity to select from a variety of family-style meals handcrated and built by our head chef, Mikko Tamarra. Pairings, cocktails, and other beverage selections are available from our drink menu.

A Seasonal Menu

Our menu features seasonal and rotating ingredients. Certain dishes may only be available for a limited time. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest and highest quality sources to craft our meals, and thus our menu evolves over time.

Private Dining Room Booking Request

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