Venue Thesis

A One-of-a-kind Space

Fortuna’s Row provides guests with a distinct space and cuisine not available anywhere else in Calgary, from the sheer scale and grand design of the location, to the multi-stage layout and unique dining opportunities, there is nothing else like Fortuna’s Row.

Design Focus

The interior blends Southwestern desert-infused tones with the style and taste of thriving metropolis in the heart Mexico. The curated mix of industrial and jungle lends itself to not only an airy, natural dining experience, but a standalone hospitality concept in downtown Calgary. 

Layering clay and stone, terracotta and plantlife, leather and patina, leads us to a space that exudes a new take on vintage character, challenging guest’s preconceived notions of Latin American design.

Main Dining Room

Towering ceilings, broad skylights, and lush plant life define the dining room at Fortuna’s Row. With capacity for 120 seated, plus 12 bar seats and 12 kitchen bar seats, approximately 150 guests can be seated together as a single group. The dining room room has has direct access via the northside entrance with an open kitchen and handbuilt, over-fire grill on display. The space is anchored by a grand 24 foot back bar with a cenote-inspired oculus light, setting an awe-inspiring tone for any event.


Moody, intimate, and chic, Standing Room Only (SRO) Bar, is the perfect space for a mingling or cocktail-style event. Able to host up to 112 guests standing, or be arranged specifically for wedding ceremonies and other special events, SRO is distinct with its dark concrete walls, plush furnishings, and glittering, amber glass chandeliers. With a glowing handmade backbar, and enhanced audio capabilities, SRO is set to create timeless experience capable of running late into the night.

Private Dining Room

Intimately tucked away from the Main Dining Room, the Private Dining Room (PDR) at Fortuna’s Row is its own special enclave. Long table seating can host up to 20 guests, all beneath a canopy of dimmable rattan lights. Wide-cut table tops with geometric inlays, artful wall decor, and thick glassblock add a creative touch to an elegant, reclusive space. A custom designed kitchen access door enables Chef Mikko Tamarra to speak directly to guests about the ingredients and food being served.

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