Fortuna's Row does Peru

The team at Fortuna's Row spent some time in February exploring both some of the leading restaurants in Lima, Peru's capital city, as well as the deep Amazon. Chef Mikko Tamarra immersed himself in the culture, learning new techniques, ingredients, and recipes. Our kitchen team plans to release some exciting changes and dishes for our spring/summer menu in 2023.


Exploring seafood at La Mar, Lima, Peru

Fortuna's-Row-Latin-American-Cuisine-Peru-Trip-2023-01Tasting Peruvian Pastries

Fortuna's-Row-Latin-American-Cuisine-Peru-Trip-2023-02Coursed Tastings at Central Restaurant, Lima, Peru

Fortuna's-Row-Latin-American-Cuisine-Peru-Trip-2023-03Food and menus created from the land surrounding Gocta, Peru

Fortuna's-Row-Latin-American-Cuisine-Peru-Trip-2023-04Authentic Peruvian at Panchita, Lima, Peru

Fortuna's-Row-Latin-American-Cuisine-Peru-Trip-2023-05Chef Mikko Tamarra exploring the local markets

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