Taco Omakase Menu - Calgary's Unique Latin Dining Experience

Fortuna's Row is thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Taco Omakase menu, an extraordinary 15-course culinary journey crafted by the esteemed Chef Mikko Tamarra. This exclusive event showcases Chef Tamarra's masterful expression of Latin American cuisine, focusing on the rich and diverse flavours of Mexico.

An Evening of Culinary Mastery

The Taco Omakase is a three hour, 15 course dining experience designed for up to 20 guests. Guests are invited to explore and challenge their notions of Mexican cuisine, while also indulge and delight in classic expressions of the world famous taco.

The Menu

The evening begins with a series of exquisite small plates, each offering a unique and tantalizing taste of Mexico's culinary heritage:

  1. Tostada - Brioche, Australian Wagyu Tartare, Uni
  2. Japanese Taco - Shiso Tortilla, Shiso, Hamachi, Wasabi, Furikake
  3. Scallop - BC Scallops, Apples, Pisco
  4. Spanish Taco - Saffron Tortilla, Lobster, Bacon Croquette
  5. Quesadilla - Spot Prawn, Costra, Soubise
  6. Filipino Taco - Wild Rice Tortilla, Tocino, Honeydew Atchara
  7. Korean Taco - Romaine Tortilla, Soft Shell Crab, Gochujang

Midway through the evening, the experience transitions to a street taco stand, evoking the bustling streets of Mexico City. Here, guests can indulge in a selection of mouthwatering tacos:

8-12. Street Taco Stand: Carnitas, Al Pastor, Cachetes, Chorizo Con Papa, Suadero, served with Salsas and Small Micheladas

The journey continues with a delightful dessert amuse, leading to the final sweet treat:

  1. Dessert Amuse
  2. Frozen Sweet Potato - Candied Sweet Potato Semifreddo, Caramel, Condensed Milk, Spiced Nuts
  3. Parting Gift

A Celebration of Flavours

Taco Omakase is designed to offer more than just a meal; it’s a vibrant celebration of flavours, a showcase of contemporary cooking techniques, and a tribute to Calgary’s dynamic culinary landscape. The thoughtfully curated courses provide an unforgettable dining experience that highlights the authenticity and innovation of Chef Tamarra's creations.

Beverage Selection

To enhance the dining experience, a selection of beverages will be available to order throughout the evening, carefully chosen to complement the bold and vibrant flavours of the dishes. Please note that due to the specialized nature of the menu, accommodations for substitutions or allergies may be limited, and some courses may be adjusted based on ingredient availability.

Join Us

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exclusive event at Fortuna's Row. Join us for an evening of culinary excellence with Taco Omakase, and experience a journey through the diverse and delectable world of Mexican cuisine. Taco Omakase is running as a limited time series.

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